Extended Day

Our Extended Day Program is available from 7:30 am before school, and until 6 pm after school. Extended Day participants must be school age and meet the criteria to enroll in SAST. All participants must complete the program registration form and pay the registration fee in full before attending.

NEW: Due to family feedback, same day “drop-in” service is back. We are returning to last year’s drop-in policy. (See FAQ about Drop In Policy below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does EDP cost?

Before School Full Time (Monthly) $120
After School Full Time (Monthly) $180
Both Before & After (Monthly) $300
Before School (Daily) $7
Before School (Daily Unscheduled) $9
After School (Daily) $11
After School (Daily Unscheduled) $13
Registration (Single Student) $15
Registration (2 or more students living in the same household) $25

Scholarships available for families who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
10% discount offered for siblings living in the same household. Only one discount per student.

What are my payment options for Extended Day care?

There are two payment options for Extended Day:
1) Pay for care, in advance, by the day.
2) Pay for care, in advance, at a fixed monthly rate (only available at registration).

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a yearly registration fee of $15 dollars for the first student in the family, and $10 for any additional siblings (the total registration fee will not be more than $25 for an entire family)

How are fees calculated by the day?

Fees are calculated based on your child’s scheduled attendance and number of school days in the coming school month. For example, if there are 14 school days in the month of August, and your child will be attending both before and after school, your fee would be calculated as follows:

Daily Rate for Before School + Daily Rate for After School ($7+$11) Multiply the Number of School Days in the Month Your Child Will Attend Total EDP Fee for August
$18 14 $252

How are fees calculated by the month?

Monthly fees are calculated by taking the total number of school days in the academic year (180), calculating the cost of the entire year using the daily fee formula, and then dividing that number by the number of months in the school year.

What are the advantages to each payment option?

1. Paying by the day:
• Offers flexible scheduling options.
• Months with fewer schools days (like December) will be cheaper.

2. Paying by the month:
• Your EDP bill will be the same every month.
• There is a small discount for paying in monthly installments.

What are the disadvantages to each payment option?

1. Paying by the day: Your bill will fluctuate month to month reflecting the number of school days.
2. Paying by the month: Your bill will stay the same, regardless of months with fewer schools days (like December).

What are important things to remember about this billing process?

1) The monthly billing option is only available at registration (i.e. you cannot switch between daily and monthly billing options to take advantage of the cost savings month-month).
2) There are no “refunds” if your student does not attend a day that they were scheduled (except in the case of a pro-longed illness of more than two weeks).
3) We can work with unique schedules (e.g. a students only comes to Extended Day on Mondays – or any other combination of days) as long as we have an accurate schedule for the student in advance.

When are fees due?

Fees are due by the 5th school day of each month. There will be a $35 late fee added for late payments.

How can I pay my fees?

Online payment with credit card is also available through the parent portal. If you are unable to pay by credit card, you may pay your fees with a check or money order delivered to the school or the EDP staff member at car drop-off and pick-up.

Are there scholarships or discounts available?

There are limited number of scholarships and discounted pricing available for families that qualify for SAST’s free and reduced lunch program. There is a place to indicate your family’s participation in this program on the EDP registration form. Please contact the program director for further information on the availability of scholarships or discounts through the free and reduced lunch program.
There is also a sibling discount of 10% off each additional sibling. The 10% will be assessed from the siblings with the lowest total EDP fee.

What is the “drop-in” policy?

You may attend the program on a “drop-in” basis (attend without submitting a regular schedule). Some families benefit from the flexibility of this option. If something comes up, you can use before or after school by following a couple easy steps:
1) File a transportation change with the front office by clicking HERE (for after school only).
2) Email Jenny and the student’s teacher to notify them of the change.
3) Sign the “EDP Drop-In Log” located with the EDP staff member at car pickup.

The rate for drop-in attendance is two dollars higher than scheduled attendance. The drop in fee for before school is $9 a morning. The drop-in fee for after school is $13 a day. Drop-in fees are posted to family accounts on the Thursday of each week, and are due by the following Thursday. Any family that does not pay their drop-in fees by the following Thursday will no longer be allowed to use the service.

Is there Extended Day Care provided on the school’s early release days?

The school has early release days scheduled (regular school will end around 12:00 PM). EDP will provide care for a limited amount of students on these days until 6:00 PM, but there will be a separate registration process and an additional fee. Availability of care will be based on available staff. Registrations for early release care will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions about the Extended Day Program, scholarships, or other services that EDP offers, please feel free to reach out to me via email at maddoxj3@leonschools.net or call me at 850-559-5796 or stop by the EDP Office located in the back left of the auditorium.

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