The School of Arts and Sciences on Thomasville Road is seeking applications for a substitute bus driver to be on call in case one of the regular driers cannot drive his/her scheduled route.

A school bus driver for the School of Arts and Sciences will operate a school bus under all types of weather conditions. They will safely transport students on scheduled morning and afternoon routes, and on field trips authorized by the school.

1. Safely drive a school bus on scheduled routes and/or all types of trips in support of school approved activities, both within and outside to school district boundaries.
2. Obey all traffic laws and safety regulations for school buses.
4. Perform pre-trip inspections on the bus before each route or trip as required.
5. Ensure that students board and leave the bus, and cross the street in a safe and orderly manner
6. Maintain safe student management and be consistent with discipline following the bus rules set by the school.
10. Operate all school bus equipment and accessories including fire extinguishers, highway warning kits, snow chains, sanders, first aid kits, etc.
11. Clean and service the school bus to include interior sweeping.
12. Report necessary bus repairs or damage to Transportation


Be at least 21 years of age
Level II Background Clearance performed by Leon County Schools
High school diploma or equivalent
Florida State CDL Driver’s License
Clean driving record demonstrated by a DMV report

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter with SUBSTITUTE BUS DRIVER in the subject line to Ashley Arrington, Assistant Principal at arringtona@leonschools.net.

Substitute Teacher

The School of Arts and Sciences on Thomasville Road (SAST) utilizes the approved Substitute List from Leon County Schools but will also sometimes use certified teachers as substitute teachers at SAST. All substitute teachers must have an approved background check done through Leon County Schools prior to working at SAST. If you are on the LCS list or are a certified teacher (who has completed the background check) and you would like to sub at SAST, please bring, FAX, or email sasoffice@leonschools.net a resume or flyer telling us about your experience, class preferences, and the hours and days of your availability. The typical school day is from 9:15 am – 3:35 pm. Pay is $10.00 per hour for approximately 7 hours a day.

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