The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), contracts with Tomahawk Transportation to provide bus transportation throughout Leon County as a courtesy to SAS families.

Tomahawk has four buses that run AM and PM routes. SAS bus stops are located at convenient public places. The convenient public places are satellite bus stops. Since we have 4 buses that serve the entire county, and 2 schools, the satellite stops allow us to pick up more children at one stop. This reduces the amount of time students are on the bus each day. Parents or approved guardians must meet the bus at the bus stop in the morning and the afternoon. Children may not be left unattended.

Each new school year begins with the same bus routes as the previous year. After 10 days of school Tomahawk will evaluate the effectiveness of the routes and make changes as necessary. Families can make a request to Tomahawk that a stop be added. Factors that are considered when adding a stop are: ability to work into an existing route, amount of students served, stop safety, public space with adequate parking for families and is large enough to accommodate the school bus.

Children riding the bus must have completed an online bus registration form. Students without complete documentation may not ride the bus. Please read the Code of Conduct and Parent Agreement BEFORE continuing.

Once you have read and agreed to all above documentation and reviewed the routes, click the button below to register.

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